Iceland volcano Cafe /
Hverfjall Volcano , Iceland

BOUNDLESS, a place where visitors and residents alike will be captivated by the intimate experience between the primordial terrain and the tactile space of the visitor center.By exploring the inherent tension between the natural and cultural landscapes....


Nothing right in the world ever occurs without a fight

Tactical Infrastructure for Protestors /
Lower Manhattan, NYC

Protest is the most direct expression of public opinion. The main purpose of the protest is to unite the people in their dissatisfaction with current situations of govern-ment and control and to give voice and space to its presentation. This thesis studies the non-violent protest, focusing on protestors using bodies to occupy public space...


 A semi-underground autonomic assembly /
The Moon

With the increase of the population, and the decrease of the resources, human beings left only two choices on the earth: “war inward or explore outward”. To explore outward, the moon becomes the next destination for exploring and living.

While without the protective atmosphere, the moon’s surface is hard and exposed to extreme temperatures. The moon is also often bombed by meteorites...


Revonation dormitory / The Chicago building, Chicago

The project is to renovate the SAIC dormitory in The Chicago building, a iconic historical preservation building (terrecotta tiles with steel structure) on the most commercial destrict in the central Loop. The main concept is to use the historical element of Chicago bay windows to redesign a modern extension on the south as common spaces to support community and students’ events...


Dive Life

Public thermal bath and pool /
Prarie material yard 32, Chicago

The construction project occurred in Prairie Mate­rial Yard 32 in Chicago, along the Chicago River. The abandoned site consists 17 concrete silos of two sizes that sit on a plinth and a few auxiliary element into public bath and pool. Took water as a starting point, comparing the water activities relations between diving, swim­ming and bathing...