2022 Iceland volcano cafe
/ Hverfjall Volcano, Iceland

BOUNDLESS, a place where visitors and residents alike will be captivated by the intimate experience between the primordial terrain and the tactile space of the visitor center.By exploring the inherent tension between the natural and cultural landscapes, the visitor center creates opportunities for these forces to become legible over time, crafting a unique and authentic experience of Hverfjall.At first glance, the building presents itself as a circular, transparent shell wrapping around four giant boulders.The outer wall maintains a low-lying profile to adapt to the topography and utilize the circulation of the existing paths. Softly illuminated spaces are visible from the parking area and hiking trails through the transparent curtain wall, displaying the BOUNDLESS experience inside - lively gatherings, breathtaking views, and a warm sip of Icelandic coffee.Resembling rocks eroded by the natural forces of Myatn, the leaden yet reflective cores mirror the surrounding expanse under sunrise, moonlight, and endless auroras.