2020 A semi-underground autonomic living assembly  / The Moon

With the increase of the population, and the decrease of the resources, human beings left only two choices on the earth: “war inward or explore outward”. To explore outward, the moon becomes the next destination for exploring and living. While without the protective atmosphere, the moon’s surface is hard and exposed to extreme temperatures. The moon is also often bombed by meteorites. In addition, the sunlight and cosmic rays without filters are also extremely harmful to human bodies.

Therefore, Cyto -City is a semi- underground city that avoids natural disasters, and optimizes to cope with essential resources exploration. It is mobile connected, autonomy expandable, and creates a new balance between human and the lunar nature in alternate forms of movement.

Our design studies the architectural living units from the behavior and microstructure of organisms. Considering the mobility and spatial flexibility required under the Moon, we study how cells deform and shuttle freely in the human bodies, and how the structure of cells (cytoskeleton) plays a role in different states.