2019  Post college continuous study school / Goose Island, Chicago

“Slashes”, which first came out in the New York times by Marci Alboher.  It discusses about how technology effects us, that one person has multiple careers nowadays. In the past in the agricultural and industrial world, education was taught to be specialized, labor focused and efficient, so we were bound to a single workspace and 9-5 time frame, it is all about productivity.

But, productivity is no longer the main focus. Nowadays education is about creativity, coworking and exchange experiences. As this diagram you can tell with technology giving us the ability to work from anywhere and the nine-to-five grind becoming a thing of the past, more and more people are building careers filled with slashes.

For example, you often see slashes on Instagram descriptions. From lawyer/chefs to police officer/personal trainers to mom/CEOs, these creative thinkers have discovered the antidote to boredom, burnout, job insecurity, and many other workplace woes.
My entrepreneur education will focus on post-collegiate study, assisting those who already have a specialty to explore other interests and create skills.